We have an open Application Process for our Invited Artists in Residence once a year from Sept 15th - December 15th.

Artists who sent applications in 2016, will be sent an email response by February 28, 2017.

2017 Residencies begin April 2017 and go through end of October 2017


  • Invited Artist Residency: Every year artists are given the opportunity to Apply to our open - call "Invited Artist Residency". From September 15th through December 15th we accept Submissions from artist from all over the world, working in any medium.  Application consists of filling out our online form, submitting CV, work samples in jpg or pdf format, and a written proposal for the project you wish to work on or create on site. Submissions are then reviewed by our Advisory Committee and 5 artists are selected and invited to a one month Residency for the following year. The invited artists receive accommodations at No Cost with budgeted options for meal plans from our gourmet restaurant. Travel, transport, tours, adventures and art materials are at the expense of the artist.


  • Community Outreach Program: This program is dedicated to facilitate experiences that connect artists with local residents to collaborate, exchange ideas, and engage in dialogue. We encourage artists who apply to this Community Outreach Program to propose collaborative projects, workshops and any activities to engage local school groups, artisans, cooperatives from our neighboring communities of Buritaca, Puerto Nuevo and Guachaca towns in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. We will facilitate community projects in any artistic discipline, including workshops, performances, public murals etc, and we will cover art supplies and materials.  Accommodations are provided at No cost, with budgeted options for meal plans from our gourmet restaurant, and use of the shared kitchen is also available for artists wanting to cook their own meals. Length of stay can depend of length of program proposed anywhere from 2 -4 weeks. Travel, transport, tours, adventures are at the expense of the artist. Email us anytime throughout the year to propose outreach programs for our community.


  • Work Trade : opportunities are also available for artists willing to volunteer and work in exchange for accommodations & meals. Work can be anything from arts administration at our Residency, carpentry, building, sign painting,  exterior painting, agriculture/ permaculture or any other type of work you would like to contribute. Duration of Work Trade is for one month and artist receive Free Accommodations and 3 meals a day in exchange for helping us approx 4/5 hours a day. Travel, transport, tours, adventures are at the expense of the artist. Email us anytime throughout the year to apply for a Work Trade position.



Visual Art Donation: Each artist is required to donate an artwork to the LA SIERRA Collection or create site specific work on the property. The artwork should reflect their time and inspiration at the residency.