ECO COLORING BOOK: “The Heart of the World”

As part of our Environmental Education Programming, we are excited to present the first edition of our Eco-Book series "Corazón del Mundo," an ecological coloring book about environment sustainability and indigenous culture in the Sierra Nevada region. This coloring book project provides children, teenagers, young adults, and teachers, an educational & graphic tool to learn about their surroundings and how to care for the environment. These books will be given away for free to thousands of students from the villages of Buritaca, Puerto Nuevo, Guachaca, Mendihuaca, Orinoco and others. In a creative way, this coloring book brings together the illustrative works of four international artists, with environmental messages such as water conservation, reforestation, recycling waste management, and pays homage to our ancestral communities and roots. This coloring book, with its unique format, has the power to impact lives not only in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta but throughout Colombia and the world.

Drawings and Illustrations by: Marlon Preuss (Estados Unidos), Isabel Peterhans (Suiza), Ana Maria Velasco (Colombia), Janni Venavides (Colombia).