Lina Arias,  Los Guardianes del Planeta

Lina Arias, Los Guardianes del Planeta


In collaboration with artists from all over the world, we create artistic murals with transformative messages. These murals serve their communities as constant reminders of the area’s local beauty, traditions, and overall value in the world.  At the same time, we are inspiring a shift towards an environmentally conscious culture. This generates awareness of our precious, natural surroundings, and encourages locals to care and protect them.  These murals serve to educate these communities, while beautifying the facades of the towns, and provide a sense of belonging for the locals. This project seeks to impact different places in the villages of Buritaca, Puerto, Nuevo, and Guachaca, with potential impact on more villages around the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

We would like to thank our sponsor Pinturas Tito Pabón for their generous support providing us with paint to create our murals.

2017 - Past Artists Include:
Liz N Bow, Mr Joe, Felipe Cuellar, Lina Arias, Ami Cardenas, Chirrete Golden, Soma Difusa, Angie Guarin, Gabriela Del Mar.