La Sierra Artist Residency is an opportunity for emerging and established creative professionals from all over the world to link their inspiration and creativity with the raw, natural environment that surrounds us all. This Artist in Residency program will provide the opportunity to cultivate creativity while seeking solitude, connecting with nature and facilitating a cultural exchange on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. 

We offer accommodation, meal plans, and practical support for artists, writers, educators and creative professionals. Specific arrangements are organized according to the interests of each of our artists.

  • Residence: La Sierra is designed to host one artist at a time to ensure privacy and focus. The duration of the artist residency is generally 2 weeks to one month.
  • Accommodation: Until our dedicated live / work studio is built, artist will stay in a comfortable private room in our Maloka Jungle House. The room has 2 twin beds, nightstand, lamp, small closet and a fan. Bedding, linens and towels will be provided. The bathroom is shared, as is the kitchen.
  • Studio: Until our dedicated live / work studio is built, artist can request a room adjacent as their studio space, also in our Maloka Jungle House. Working Table, Easel and Wifi Internet available in studio. Artists are encouraged to work anywhere on the property.
  • Meals: Artists are offered an affordable meal plan (including vegetarian options), or they may simply use our staff kitchen themselves to buy their own food and cook their own meals. The kitchen is overlooking our veggie gardens and banana plantations. The small village located 5 kilometres away has fruit and veggie stands and small markets for your convenience.


 La Sierra Artist Residency is intended to support artists working professionally in all mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, film, sculpture, performance installation, architecture, industrial design, permaculture, music and writing. Artists are encouraged to create new work inspired by their experiences here or continued from their existing studio practice. We also accept proposals dealing with landscape and community intervention, art and sustainability, sculpture, ephemeral architecture, permanent installations with living techniques using plants, soil, fibers and all material that proposes a new interaction with the environment.

Our program is dedicated to facilitate experiences that connect artists with local residents to collaborate, exchange ideas, and engage in dialogue. We encourage applicants to propose collaborative projects, workshops and any activities to engage local school groups, artisans, cooperatives from our neighboring communities of Buritaca, Puerto Nuevo and Guachaca towns in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. We will facilitate community projects in any artistic discipline, including workshops, performances, public murals etc, and we will cover art supplies and materials. 

Please send us your project proposal and ideas, along with a cover letter letting us know why you want to come to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Please include support materials like images, portfolio, web site, videos, social media links and press articles.



Recently transformed from a coconut plantation, our 5-acre beach farm is centered around healing, wellness, and healthy living. Surrounded by jungle and facing the sea, the property offers chic, eco-friendly accommodations, spa, daily yoga classes, and a scratch kitchen featuring fruits and vegetables fresh from our garden. Our administration staff is fully bilingual, so we can help organize any of your arrangements.

Following the leadership of the local Indigenous people, we work hard to protect the native flora and fauna. Our eco-friendly facilities have been constructed using local materials with a mindfulness to make minimum impact. Being that we are situated in such an ecologically rich region, we encourage the integration of local materials into the resident’s work.

As long-time patrons of the arts, the founders understand the challenges that creative professionals experience. This boutique resort was developed from the need to disconnect from the modern systems and reconvene with mother earth.  As the resort expanded, positive and creative energy continued to flourish on our land and the dream of establishing La Sierra Artist residency emerged. Focusing on holistic living and vacation, it is an ideal environment to cultivate the fundamentals of the creative process.

Farm Activities: On our small farm we grow as much as the land offers. From banana, star fruit, mango, papaya to spinach, eggplant, squash, herbs and medicinal plants. Artists may participate as much or as little as they wish in agricultural and community development activities with our garden staff and the local villages.

Contact us with your project's proposal if you are interested in coming to our Residency!